PLAXIS: Numerical Analysis for Hard-Rock Pillars

November 22, 2021

One aspect rarely considered in the analysis of hard rock pillars, and indirectly in synthetic rock mass models to determine rock mass strength,..

Pump Configuration Toolbox

November 22, 2021

As a follow-up to my recent general blog on pump energy, I read an article in Pumps & Systems magazine on what the author called “staging” of..

Doin' the Pump Energy Blues

November 15, 2021

Pumping energy is usually one of the largest components of operating costs for most water systems. And it’s not a trivial cost for wastewater..

What Construction Project Managers Need to Deliver Successful Projects

November 15, 2021

Today, we're discussing the role of construction project managers. What is a construction project manager, what tasks do they handle, and what..

3 Ways Design Teams Can Stop Wasting Time on Emails and Meetings

November 12, 2021

Face it: you may never know the joy of an empty inbox or blank meeting calendar. Not in this career, anyway. But cutting back could be good for..

Text Favorite Manager With and Without Item Types

November 11, 2021

 Text Favorites Text favorites are pieces of text that have been saved to a “favorites” list, allowing them to easily be reused without having to..

Property-Driven Design

November 11, 2021

Property Driven Annotation Property Driven Annotation allows you to create annotation based on properties. The annotation is generated and will..

Deep Emergencies

November 8, 2021

Water and wastewater do a very good job preparing for what I’ll call “routine emergencies”—pipe breaks, short-term power outages, sewer blockages,..

OpenRail Overhead Line Designer Helps Engineers Overcome Common Rail Electrification Challenges

November 5, 2021

As engineers we get it! Designing rail electrification infrastructure is complex. With inputs needed from multiple technical disciplines, working..

North American City Strengthens Riverbank Slope Stability Using PLAXIS

November 5, 2021

A city’s engineering department engaged Bentley’s geotechnical analysis team to train their staff to design a 3D geotechnical conceptual model,..