Dr. Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve, Distinguished Scientist

Dr. Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve is part-time Distinguished Scientist – Geotechnical at Bentley Systems. In this role, he is advisor of Bentley’s geotechnical research activities. Before this, Ronald was Director Geotechnical Research at Bentley Systems / Plaxis in Delft, The Netherlands, and manager of the Competence Centre Geo-engineering. In this position, he was responsible for the technical and scientific quality of the PLAXIS geotechnical finite element software, which is used world-wide in analysis and design of geotechnical applications. Besides his position at Bentley Systems, Ronald is part-time Associate Professor at the Geo-Engineering section of the faculty of Civil Engineering & Geo-Sciences at Delft University of Technology. He is responsible for the course Behaviour of Soils and Rocks, guest lecturer in some other courses and he supervises around 10 MSc and PhD students per year with their research projects. As a researcher, Ronald has contributed to the scientific developments of the PLAXIS software and has published many papers on the use of material models and numerical methods in geotechnics. As a lecturer, Ronald has been involved in several international courses and in-company trainings on backgrounds of the PLAXIS software, constitutive models and numerical methods.

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