Richard Witasse, Principal Product Manager, Geotechnical

Recognized as an expert in geotechnical analysis and engineering, Richard Witasse has more than 15 years of experience in working with geotechnical digital tools and geotechnical finite element analysis software. After starting his career as a software engineer in the field of finite element analysis software for reinforced concretes structures, Richard became an application engineer and worked for the global leaders in geotechnical analysis software. Richard joined PLAXIS in 2008 and has always worked since the non geotechnical consulting, customer success and training for the many users of the most popular digital solutions for geotechnical engineering and analysis. Since 2018 Richard Witasse is Principal Product Manager with Bentley Systems.

PLAXIS for Deep Underground Excavation in Rock Mass

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Located on Hong Kong Island, the Western Island Line is a fully underground railway that alleviates heavy traffic congestion in the western district...

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Model Structures and Visualize Structural Forces

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