What is ContextCapture's scalable mesh technology?

ContextCapture’s scalable mesh technology enables multi-resolution inputs through the .3SM format in ContextCapture. This capability allows you to produce high-fidelity 3D reality meshes using photos and/or point clouds.

Apply scalable mesh format to your workflow

You can quickly display, visualize, and share multi-resolution meshes, richly photo-textured 3D models, in any CAD or GIS workflow on a desktop and mobile devices, in many formats, including for native use within MicroStation and other Bentley applications.  Watch this video of ContextCapture's scalable mesh in Bentley LumenRT.

Using a 3D reality mesh, you can design in context or carry out construction simulations to evaluate potential impacts, uncover financial implications early, optimize information sharing, and improve collaborative design workflows. With no limitations on size, scalable meshes allow you to work with incredibly large reality data such as city-scale models. ContextCapture utilizes automatic photo registration and point clouds to shorten the aerotriangulation stage and improve accuracy to millimeter precision, needed for many engineering projects.

Additionally, ContextCapture natively supports several types of positioning data, including GPS tags and control points. It can import other positioning data through position/rotation import or complete block import. This support enables you to precisely measure coordinates, distances, areas, and volumes. Reality meshes can be securely uploaded then streamed for use in design, analytical, and construction modeling workflows.

You can easily convert .3MX files to the scalable mesh .3SM format with ContextCapture Editor. Generate scalable mesh files containing terrain data from sources such as DTM and TIN files, LandXML, DEM rasters, classified point clouds, scalable terrain models, and DGN elements. Watch this tutorial video on how to covert .3MX to .3SM.




For more information on the software used, please visit Reality Modeling WorkSuite.

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