Deliver Risk Assessment to Land Developers in 48 Hours

With any investment, it’s critical to determine if it is economically feasible before making a full commitment. What are the estimated costs, what risk is involved, and will there be a long-term return on my investment? So it isn’t surprising that today’s land developers are looking for a lot more detail from engineering firms before they sign on the dotted line. Smart for them, because who wants to fall into a money pit of problems, but for small engineering firms how can you deliver what they want faster than your competition? The answer...

Buy OpenSite and Deliver Risk Assessment in 48 Hours

OpenSite is an affordable software that comes bundled with custom training. No need for additional staff, you have everything you need with your current team. In the first 30 days you’ll be able to grow your business by providing developers the details they need to give potential projects a thumbs up or thumbs down in 48 hours:

  • Identify potential constraints and risk
  • Generate solutions and alternatives with financial estimates
  • Provide details down to the drainage
  • Create realistic visualizations to understand a parcel's full potential
  • Produce all the above in hours!

Become Land Developers Go-To Engineering Firm 

With the ability to provide this detailed information to land developers, you’ll quickly become their go-to firm. But what if you can’t keep up with all the work? You will. The beauty of OpenSite SITEOPS and OpenSite Designer is its automation and speed. With it, your team removes laborious manual tasks and has more time to design alternatives, which is what wins new business and sets you apart from the competition.  OpenSite has you covered for all types of land development jobs:

  • Residential Land Development
    Quickly generate designs with lot yield.
  • Commercial and Residential Land Development
    Produce grading and earthwork quantities earlier in the process to know project risk. Run through hundreds of scenarios to generate the best cost for construction with a click of a button.
  • Non-residential Land Development
    Quickly identify layouts to maximize profitability based on zoning codes. Providing optimized site configurations for the best use of the project area and what makes the most sense economically will be invaluable to the client.

See Other Ways OpenSite Solves Obstacles for Engineering Firm Leaders

Watch OpenSite's free 15-minute product demo, at your own pace, to see how you can take a real-world project from start to finish.  Questions?  Hit the chat button below.  


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