Don't Let a Minor Oversight be a Major Problem

In pipe design, a small oversight can create a big problem: damaged pipe, corrosion cell, fire, leaking... and can even lead to a complete shutdown of operations. It is usually the weakest link in your pipe system that exposes your design to the greatest risk.

One of the most important aspects of a pipe design is the support structure design. Engineers constantly battle to find the most effective yet least expensive option for a support structure for their pipe design. There has got to be a better way.  

AutoPIPE's Support Optimizer

As one of the many benefits of AutoPIPE, AutoPIPE Support Optimizer uses a Genetic Algorithm. Genetic Algorithms are inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution and the survival of the fittest. The process starts with an initial population of solutions that evolve through generations inheriting genes from their parents, the weaker solutions are penalized and the fitter solution survive and continue to evolve in further generations. The Support Optimizer is constantly learning from the failures making the iteration process much more efficient. So you will have the help to find and avoid minor and hidden incidents. 

When a piping system must be designed to withstand various stresses, it's critical to assess loading points and support them adequately, yet keep costs to a minimum. The new support optimizer feature within AutoPIPE allows you to create thousands of design alternatives and compare them as they become available. Then make iterations until the best outcome is achieved. 

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