Success Story | Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Co. Ltd. Integration of Urban Infrastructure through Utility Tunnel

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Co. Ltd.

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


GIFT City, the emerging financial hub in Gujarat, India, is developing 92 million square feet of mixed-use space over 886 acres. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City placed all utilities in a tunnel accessible to material handling and maintenance vehicles. At 15,000-by-7.6-by-6.2 meters, the tunnel will carry 50 million liters per day of treated water, 200,000 tons of cooling water, 750 megawatts of power supply, and 280 million tons of solid waste.


Aligned as sidewalks along road carriageways, the INR 3.15 billion tunnel crossed beneath dozens of junctions with roads, utility plants, and drainage and sewerage. Bentley MXROAD was used to prepare a tunnel section template, which automatically provided the transition in alignment when the section changed from sidewalk-level to lower level.



Using Bentley MXROAD for the tunnel alignment, plan, and profile saved time in the planning and engineering phases. The plan and profile aided in the calculation of quantities for civil works. Overall, Bentley products saved 1,500 man-hours and INR 900 million.



In addition to Bentley MXROAD, STAAD.Pro was used for 3D structural analysis, and WaterGEMS was used for modeling of the distribution network. Bentley software allowed for multidisciplinary integration, including infrastructure planning; geotechnical investigations; structural analysis; civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering; piping and instrumentation; and urban design, landscape, and architecture.




  • Gujarat envisioned a “digging-free city” where roads will not be excavated to access utilities.

  • Templates of the tunnel sections with lowered levels were prepared to overcome design issues at these junctions.

  • Phase 1 alignment of the utility tunnel resolved 35 junctions where the tunnel was lowered and brought back to the sidewalk level.

  • In addition to the tunnel sections, Bentley MXROAD was used to plan all roads for GIFT City.