How Nitya Nayra Civil Solutions Leveraged OpenRoads Technology to Better Engineer Modern Highways

Nitya Nayra Civil Solutions

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Nakul Suhane, a highway engineer for the firm, speaks about how OpenRoads™ improved visualization and communication on the project.


When it comes to designing and engineering modern highways with an eye on safety, sustainability, and environmental care, Nitya Nayra Civil Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (NNCS) is an industry leader. Founded in 2017, NNCS is a civil engineering firm based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India that provides a broad range of services from highways, railways and airports to water supply and seaports. 

When asked about the role of technology in delivering optimal solutions, particularly in the transportation sector, Nakul Suhane, a highway engineer for the firm, said, “As NNCS is a growing firm, it is crucial that we stand out in the market through new technologies, innovations, and sustainable, economically viable solutions. To provide the expertise, our team works with the latest software available in the market.

“With the advent of new software in the market, it is now easier to capture a wider spectrum of work in the highway industry,” said Suhane. “One such evolving technology is 3D modeling. In the ambit of highway engineering, OpenRoads Designer not only allows an engineer to design in detail, but also lets the user visualize its 3D formation.”

He said that, in a similar way, OpenRoads ConceptStation provides opportunities to build models and several capabilities to deliver the realistic project model on the screen. 

“For NNCS, these applications have been very useful, especially in cases where it is difficult to comprehend the complex alignment in 2D format,” he said.

NNCS uses these applications to develop 3D models and provide visualization of complex situations, helping clients understand concepts and challenges in an easier and less time-consuming way. 

Suhane said, “The best thing about these platforms is their user interface and complex problem-solving capabilities. These 3D applications have enabled a much better way of communication and fits the requirement of companies of all sizes.”


Nakul_SuhaneNakul Suhane-Short Bio

My name is Nakul Suhane and I am a Highway Design Engineer for Nitya Nayra Civil Solutions Private Limited. I specialize in Highway Engineering and enjoy using my skills to contribute to the industry through technological advances happening around the world. I graduated from the National Institute of Technology Nagpur with my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and pursued a master’s degree in Transportation Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.