How to Automate and Optimize Hydraulic Modeling

Are you spending time on water distribution network modeling tasks that you wish could be automated or simplified?

Whether you are an existing user of OpenFlows WaterGEMS or currently using alternative solutions, you might be interested to know how you can save time on repetitive modeling tasks and avoid inefficiencies.

WaterGEMS is a comprehensive decision-support tool for the planning, design, analysis, and operations of water distribution networks. What makes WaterGEMS stand out from other solutions are its advanced built-in modules which use patented optimization technology and powerful genetic algorithms.

These modules have helped some of the largest water utilities and consultants around the world save time and money, and we would like you to reap the same benefits and enhance your modeling workflows, project delivery, or operational performance of your water distribution networks.

Darwin Designer

Among the optimization features, WaterGEMS comprises a module called ‘Darwin Designer’. This module allows users to easily evaluate and identify the most optimal design and rehabilitation strategies based on three objectives: minimization of costs, maximization of benefits, or multi-objectives.

Additionally, you can enter restrictions, allowed pipe sizes, and associated unit costs to execute manual or automatic designs. The underlying technology uses a genetic algorithm for optimization.

Darwin Designer

Here’s how it works:

  • Firstly, the Darwin Designer wizard guides you through the process to define a new design study. You can define a new designer study for an automated design or rehabilitation.
  • When you select a new designer study and a new design event, you can define the parameters corresponding to either a design study or a rehabilitation.
  • After running Darwin Designer’s genetic algorithm, you can review the identified solutions and a summary of the results.

Gateway to more insights

Bentley hosts a two-part webinar series for professionals who plan, design, operate, and maintain water distribution networks. In this series we will guide you through the following advanced WaterGEMS modules:
  • Darwin Calibrator – Automated calibration and leakage localization
  • Darwin Designer – Optimization of capital improvement plans (new pipe layouts or pipe rehabilitation)
  • Darwin Scheduler – Optimize pump operations
  • Dendritic / Irrigation Designer Tool – Optimize the design of dendritic networks in irrigation systems
  • Skelebrator – Automatically remove network complexity while maintaining connectivity and hydraulic equivalence
  • Pipe Renewal Planner – Identify critical pipes based on pipe breakage, capacity (fire flow), or criticality
  • SCADAConnect Simulator – Connect your SCADA data directly to your model for calibration and real-time simulation

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