MicroStation Update 17: New Features You Don't Want to Miss in Your CAD Software


MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17 is now launched and available for download.

Our latest update is packed with new features, upgraded workflows, and enhancements designed to improve user experience and the way you work. The MicroStation team at Bentley strives to acknowledge and implement requests for improvements to make for a seamless workflow, creating a robust and user-friendly CAD application.

Top New MicroStation Features in Update 17:

  • Enhanced Modeling Features: Save time and always stay up to date with the ability to auto-update Parametric Cell in the Cell Library, sort variables and variations in the Properties Dialog, and remove individual constraints in a parametric shape.
  • Advanced Data Reporting and Annotation Capabilities: Save time working with more data with new features that allow you to: Copy and Paste Rows and Columns for Tables, efficiently create Text Favorites, and use Item Type names in text fields and text favorites.
  • Manage Configurations: Save time managing projects by taking advantage of the new Manage Configurations tool that enables you to easily create and manage multiple configurations through a new streamlined User Interface. 
  • RealDWG 2023 Support: For our users in a multi-file format environment, work with the latest DWG files in MicroStation with the RealDWG 2023 Engine. 
  • Issue Resolution Service: Collaborate faster with team members and streamline your workflows across project delivery phases with the latest Issue Resolution Service and the improved user interface. 
  • Area Tools: Save time and clicks by using the Area Tools to measure and place the area as text directly in the design.

In addition to these new features, there are several new Technology Preview features available for use in this release.

For a comprehensive list of all the new features in MicroStation Update 17, check out our Communities post with all the details and watch our “What’s New in MicroStation Update 17 Release video.”


Infrastructure is ever evolving, MicroStation keeps up.

Are you looking for a new CAD software that enables you to create faster, better drawings and designs for your projects and client needs? Upgrade your CAD Software to MicroStation today.

Are you a current MicroStation user looking to update to the newest version? Users can learn more information about the updated features here.

To download Update 17, please visit our Software Downloads Center. Important installation requirements and notices can be found in the ReadMe.

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