Success Story | NJS Engineers India P Limited JICA Assisted Agra Water Supply Project

NJS Engineers India P Limited

Pune, Maharashtra , India


U.P. Jal Nigam, a government corporation that is responsible for supplying water throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, initiated an improvement project to meet the increasing potable water demands and service levels of Agra city. The existing distribution pipe network was old and supplied intermittent water service. The network was evaluated to determine solutions that would enable 24/7 delivery of treated water to the growing city populace. The INR 30 billion project included constructing a new water treatment plant, a sedimentation basin, transmission conduit pipes and feeder mains, and repairing two existing water treatment plants and filtration and purification systems.


NJS Engineers India’s project team modeled the current distribution system and analyzed it under four different scenarios using Bentley OpenFlows WaterGEMS, providing the foundation for the hydraulic improvement and rehabilitation scheme. Integrating Bentley modeling and engineering applications with Bentley OpenFlows WaterGEMS, the team developed an existing water asset database, performed design reviews, and conducted structural analysis in a collaborative environment, streamlining workflows and processes throughout the project lifecycle.



Bentley’s interoperable software shortened design review time, reduced drawing production by 35%, and saved INR 300 million on the project. This project will positively impact the community by providing automated water connections to 100% of all households the network serves as well as a 24/7 continuous water supply. This new system helps Agra regain its position as one of the best infrastructure cities in the world enabled by smart technology.



NJS Engineers India developed the hydraulic modeling design with Bentley OpenFlows WaterGEMS. The application analyzed the pipe network for peak factor, design flow, pipe size, and head loss. The structural engineering of the water distribution network was designed and reviewed using STAAD.Pro and a GIS database was prepared with Bentley OpenCities Map. The organization also used Bentley software to create a water-based asset database that included intake wells, treatment plants, boosting pumping stations, transmission mains, and the distribution network.




  • The Agra Water Supply Project included a public awareness campaign about saving water and improving the environment, and it will help develop adjacent cities in northern India.

  • 100% of all households in Agra received automated water connection with meter installation.

  • Employing Bentley technology improved productivity, design efficiency, and deliverables quality, and it reduced resource-hour costs and the overall project schedule.


quote“[Bentley software provided us with a] connected data environment to exchange and update the spatial, non-spatial engineering data and hydraulic models by multiple users at different locations around the project area.”

Rohit Dembi
Lead GIS
NJS Engineers India P Limited