Offshore Wind Activity is Growing. Growth Brings Challenges.

How Can You Solve Offshore Wind Challenges?

Because offshore wind activity has increased rapidly and isn’t slowing down any time soon, Bentley has been working with global partners to develop technologically advanced solutions for designing wind turbine structures. Part of that work has included defining ways to deal with the challenges those projects face, such as: 

  • Limited communication between disciplines because of silos
  • Unconsolidated analysis and design processes
  • Increasing project costs and poor project deliverables
  • Difficulty dealing with change

In this new e-book, Making Advances in Offshore Wind, you can find out how to integrate multidiscipline collaboration and streamline the analysis and design process. You will learn how project costs can be reduced while improving project deliverables.

See for yourself how OpenWindPower offshore structural analysis and design software helps you deliver compliant, reliable designs on time while overcoming the unique challenges of offshore wind turbine analysis. 

Offshore Wind Structural Analysis

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