OpenSite Helps Engineers Overcome Obstacles in Site & Land Development

Attention civil engineers who work in site and land development!  We all know you encounter daily obstacles that not only affect your workflow but also your organization's bottom line.  In this blog, we'll review 3 of your main challenges (Time, Client Satisfaction, New Technology), and illustrate how OpenSite can help you overcome them to deliver better projects and ultimately, improve ROI for your organization.

Get Back Time

Decrease Design Time by 20%

As an engineer, time is not on your side.  There is never enough of it to create the numerous iterations of design alternatives you need to evaluate the best possible use of your client's land.  So how can you possibly meet deadlines and produce best-case scenarios without working overtime or hiring more people?  The answer is OpenSite. Its built-in automation, parametric, and optimization tools allow you to reduce manual drafting work in exchange for more design time.  In the first 30 days of using OpenSite your engineers will:

  • Produce conceptual design alternatives in hours, not days
  • Reduce frustrating, tedious, manual work
  • Have more time to receive and implement client feedback
  • Deliver optimized site designs they are proud of
  • Improve ROI with a happy return client base (and potential to attract new clients!)


Reduce Client Risk

Produce Optimized Designs & Detailed Budgets in Hours

Your client is coming to you, the engineer, as not only the design expert but also the expert on potential project risk.  The movement of dirt leads to so many unknowns.  Do I need a wall, imports, exports, how expensive will solutions be?  OpenSite's ability to identify risk in the conceptual phase, create multiple solutions, and provide detailed budgets; enables your client to make informed decisions on how to move forward (or not move forward) with their investment.  The best part, it can all be done in hours and not days, so your team isn't wasting time and money on a project before winning the bid.  The ability to generate project feasibility with full transparency will keep clients coming back time and time again.


Overcome Fear of New Technology

Ease Adoption of OpenSite 

We all know adopting new software and new workflows can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be.  Most engineers are familiar with 2D CAD design tools.  In OpenSite Designer, you are essentially using CAD tools to create a 3D model.  Now to make adoption easier, OpenSite Designer comes with a companion product OpenSite SITEOPS.  SITEOPS has the same 3D drawing tools in a much easier-to-use interface.  You can design any type of project; multi-family, single-family, non-commercial, or commercial, and then export it to your favorite CAD program to create your construction documentation.

Knowing that engineers won't make a shift from one workflow to another overnight, SITEOPS allows you to benefit from its speed NOW while you work towards using OpenSite Designer.

In addition, OpenSite comes with LumenRT and you don't need to be a visualization expert to use it.  LumenRT allows you to create life-like visualizations, with a few clicks of a button, so you can easily communicate design intent to your stakeholders.  Your competitors aren't doing this, an easy win for you!


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