A 2.5 Inch Hydrant Outlet is 2.5 Inches. Right?

May 31, 2023

Not quite. What exactly do you get with a 2 ½ inch hydrant outlet? It depends a lot on where you are and when the hydrants were manufactured. There..

How to Streamline Transport Model Workflows with EMME Flow

May 31, 2023

  “EMME Flow is a game changer – it unlocks more of the software in less of the time and avoids extensive and costly training programs in Python and..

Advanced Material Models in ADINA

May 30, 2023

The use of advanced polymers in demanding engineering applications requires correspondingly advanced material models and reliable finite element..

Pre-Computer Computation

May 26, 2023

Engineering usually involves a good deal of time solving complicated systems of equations. A century ago, engineers spent much of their time..

Success Story: Interview with Value Engineering, Warsaw, Poland

May 25, 2023

Increasing the efficiency of a road project that will increase the efficiency of major road network Value Engineering of Warsaw, Poland specializes..

Digital Design and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

May 17, 2023

  How an engineering firm provides insight into the value of integrated design solutions 

Water Distribution System Analysis History

May 16, 2023

The story of the history of water distribution system analysis (WDSA) is pretty fascinating, at least to me. There have been a large number of..

PLAXIS Finite Element Analysis Used in Landslide Remediation Project

May 15, 2023

Introduction  Jody Robinson, at DRS-Engineering, works with slope stabilization and retaining walls design, among other geo-structures in California...

Complex Tunneling Challenge Solved Using PLAXIS 3D in Highway Construction

May 10, 2023

Introduction  Dr. Fermín Sanchez and his team was tasked with the construction of a highway from Tepic City to Puerto Vallarta City on the Western..