OpenSite for Land Developers - Site Design and Business Tool in One

September 9, 2021

What are OpenSite SITEOPS and OpenSite Designer? OpenSite is a conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design application created specifically for..

Land Developers - Create a Detailed Conceptual Design in 100 Clicks

September 9, 2021

A new piece of land hits the market. Developers dive into the unknown, racing to find answers to their many questions in order to make an informed..

Bentley iTwin for Structural Engineers

September 7, 2021

Adhering to aggressive project schedules and reacting to layout changes are two common challenges that structural engineers face. The effort..


September 3, 2021

That’s a lot of acronyms for one title. Hopefully, if you are reading this blog you know that RDII stands for Rainfall Derived Infiltration and..

Construction Project Management: What’s the Cost for Better Insight?

September 3, 2021

How Monitoring Cost Affects Your Construction Project Success What does every project boil down to at its core? Cost. Whether it’s assigning cost..

Three Reasons Digital Project Collaboration is Better Than Point Solutions

September 1, 2021

For small and medium organizations, facilitating a collaborative work environment is considerably more complex, particularly in the civil..

Pumping Downhill

August 26, 2021

Everyone knows that pumps are used to lift the water up and over hills. So, nobody would want to pump water downhill. Right?

How Horizontal Civil Projects Are Using 4D/5D Construction Modeling

August 25, 2021

Heavy Civil Construction: Evolving Digitally in an Ever-Changing Industry

Fluid Retaining Structure Design Using STAAD.Pro Advanced

August 24, 2021

Over the years since STAAD first made an appearance as a general structural analysis and design tool, it has provided more benefits for structural..

The Role of Computational Design in Enhancing the Building Design Process

August 23, 2021

AEC professionals frequently encounter complex geometry or size obstacles during the conceptual and design phases of building design projects...