Bentley Podcast: Hear Geico, a Bentley Channel Partner Discuss MicroStation’s Role in Manufacturing Facilities

July 12, 2022

The Bentley team recently recorded a podcast in Italian with one of our channel partners, CAD Connect, to discuss recent projects using MicroStation.

8 Reasons to Use MicroStation to Plan and Design Your Manufacturing Facility

July 12, 2022

Are you looking for a CAD solution for planning and designing your manufacturing facility? Maybe your organization is expanding production space or..

Don’t let shift changes become a black hole for your drilling data

July 12, 2022

Shift Support in OpenGround can be an invaluable tool in ensuring shift changes happen more smoothly and productively, says Product Manager..

U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Prepare for Construction Funding

July 11, 2022

What Is the U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and What Does It Mean for the Construction Industry?  The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs..

Webinar | Truss to Baseplate Connections...Plus the Connections and Joints in Between

July 11, 2022

Connection design is one of the last pieces of the structural engineer’s design process that is still mostly done by hand. The framing and connection..

3D Modeling Advantages for Design and Plan Set Production

July 7, 2022

3D Modeling Advantages for Design and Plan Set Production

Enhancing Design Productivity Through Software Integration

July 6, 2022

PROFIS Engineering and RAM: A Winning Combination

Success Story | Rosewood Doha

July 5, 2022

  Arab Engineering Bureau Doha, Qatar

Real-Time Model Maintenance

June 29, 2022

We can agree that hydraulic models of water and wastewater systems are valuable tools. They are important in addressing master planning studies,..