Real-world plant design projects part 2

Check out these real-world plant design projects and find out how designers achieve project success with Bentley's plant design software. 

An integrated 3D modeling solution for India’s first UPW system
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions | Kutch, Gujarat, India

Watch this video to discover how the world's largest UPW systems supplier use Bentley's OpenPlant, AutoPIPE, along with other Bentley's software to deliver a 3D model that ensures continuous and reliable production of ultra-pure water (UPW) 365 days a year in India. 

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3D design technology for aluminum plant in Indonesia
Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering & Research Institute Co., | Bukit Batu, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Watch this video and find out how OpenPlant along with other Bentley's technology enable multidiscipline, 2D and 3D intelligent modeling across 13 departments and help engineers save more than 5,000 resource hours.

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