Reduce Design Time by 20% with Existing Staff In 30 Days or Less!

As a small business owner, your bottom line is always on your mind. Can I do more with less? How do I complete projects on schedule? How will I sustain and grow my business without increasing overhead costs? But this isn’t the only thing on your mind.

As a provider of site planning and design engineering you’re also focused on delivering quality plans so clients are set up for successful land development. How do you stress less and do more with your existing staff? You get OpenSite.

3 Improvements in 30 Days with OpenSite and Your Existing Staff

I know what you’re thinking. New technology! How will I have the time to learn new software and how can I afford it? But OpenSite is not a burden, it is your key to increased productivity and profitability. While traditional CAD can get the job done, your team is losing a lot of time on manual, repeatable, and error-prone work. OpenSite is affordable, built for site design, and its automation and optimization tools allow your team to focus more on design and less on drafting.  Plus, it comes with customizable training so you can get started in no time.  In the first 30 days of using OpenSite your team can:

  • Deliver concepts with budget and project feasibility in hours not days.
  • Decrease design time by 20%, with existing staff!
  • Grow your business without sacrificing time or big change.

Not Just For Your Design Team, It’s a Business and Design Tool in One.

When you get a new client, they want answers fast, faster than ever. Your ability to identify constraints, generate multiple solutions/plans, with the best cost for construction during the conceptual phase is priceless. Generating detailed concepts in hours, who else can do that? Only firms with OpenSite.

As a business owner, automation and optimization tools:

  • Enable quick turnaround to submit quality bids before the competition
  • Remove common errors seen with traditional CAD
  • Prevent error and risk during construction (saving you from embarrassment and cost overruns)


See Other Ways OpenSite Solves Obstacles for Engineering Firm Leaders

Ready to stress less, gain productivity without working overtime, and secure your business for long-term stability? Consider exploring OpenSite. Watch our free 15-minute product demo, at your own pace, to see how you can take a real-world project from start to finish with OpenSite.  Questions?  Hit the chat button below.  


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