Success Story | 3D Design for Qingyuan Pumped Storage Power Station


Guangdong Hydropower Planning & Design Institute

Guangdong, China



The Guangdong Qingyuan Pumped Storage Power Station in Qingyuan City was constructed for China Southern Power Grid by the Guangdong Hydropower Planning & Design Institute. The power station represented an investment of USD 0.8 billion and has an installed capacity of 1,280 megawatts. It consists of four vertical, single-stage, reversible, mixed-flow pump turbines – with single unit capacity of 320 megawatts – in underground factories.


Using Bentley software, the Institute constructed a sophisticated 3D model of the power station that was used to perform multidiscipline clash detection and resolution, optimize and improve the design, and guide construction work, especially for the complex network of underground cabling on this project. The labor-intensive and costly challenge of laying cable was managed with Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, which did 80% of the work in choosing the length and path for all the cables.


This power station will adjust power supply peaks and valleys, modulate frequencies and phases, and serve as a standby station under emergency conditions. Guangdong Hydropower Planning & Design Institute realized substantial benefits from applying Bentley technology to the cable management on this project, including a one-month shorter schedule, a 90% reduction in errors, and a 60% reduction in labor costs. In addition, the use of ProjectWise made multi-discipline collaboration as much as 20% more efficient.


Bentley’s collaborative platform was used to optimize the design process, improve project quality, enhance design efficiency, reduce design cost, and facilitate communication with the owner. Products implemented on the project included OpenBuildings Designer, OpenCities Map, OpenRoads, MicroStation, OpenPlant, ProjectWise, Promis.e, ProSteel, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management.


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  • Bentley Raceway and Cable Management eliminated 90% of errors during the design of cable path and length.

  • Accurate path design increased the efficiency of raceway and cable installation by 80%.

  • With ProjectWise for multi-discipline collaborative design across multiple sites, design efficiency increased by 20%, saving 400 man-days in design, and cutting project delivery cost by USD 240,000.

  • The i-model of the station provided the owner with a management tool that reduced cable operating costs by about USD 1 million. 


“Sophisticated 3D design for the whole power station through the Bentley 3D collaborative design platform has formed a multi-discipline information model. It’s delivered in the i-model data format to the owner, instructing construction, operation, and maintenance.”

Chen Han
Vice Director