Success Story | Hydroelectric Use of the Foz Tua Dam

Sacyr Somague

Foz Tua, Alijó – Vila Real, Portugal

The Foz Tua hydroelectric plant is situated on the Tua River in a deep valley with dense vegetation in a hard-to-reach region of Portugal. The EUR 260 million project features a double-curved arch dam and a hydraulic system that consists of two underground tunnels. Due to the remoteness of the site and the large amount of concrete required to build the plant, Sacyr Somague was contracted to install platforms and equipment to manufacture the concrete structures on-site.

Sacyr Somague defined an accurate geometric model of the site using MicroStation and OpenRoads and coordinated the dam drawings in MicroStation. The project team used the model to prefabricate the auxiliary structures to decrease waste. The model served to plan the number, size, and weight of the parts that were dismantled and transported to the site. Project collaboration improved productivity, lowering costs and keeping the project on schedule.

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