Success Story | Parametric Design Application of Hydropower Engineering


Beifang Investigation Design & Research Co. Ltd.

South Region, Cameroon



On the River Ntem in Cameroon’s South Region, the Memve’ele Hydropower Station will have a total installed capacity of 211 megawatts with four single-capacity units of 52.75 megawatts and a water reservoir of 82.71 million cubic meters. Designing a reasonable layout scheme was key to the success of this USD 637 million project.


The station was designed by Beifang Investigation Design & Research (BIDR) using ProjectWise as a collaboration platform, and MicroStation and OpenBuilding Designer for 3D modeling. This environment ensured the use of common standards, simplified configuration management, and enabled comparison of multiple layout schemes. 


The efficient parametric modeling process enabled BIDR to master the layout for this geographically complex station. Modeling saved time and eliminated bottlenecks in the design process. Templates for components such as the spiral case, draft tube, and arch dam freed the engineers for more valuable and creative work. Overall, Bentley solutions shortened the design cycle from three months (using traditional 2D design) to one month, saving about USD 150,000.


In addition to OpenBuilding Designer, MicroStation, and ProjectWise, BIDR applied Site Development WorkSuite for site design and excavation. Developed within the Bentley environment, the 3D information model allowed the engineers to quickly and accurately design the layout of the power plant equipment and adjacent environment.


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  • The 3D information model of the station will be crucial to construction, operation, and maintenance.

  • Common components applied to the 3D information model will serve as design templates on future projects.