Success Story | PIC Offices

Fellows Dube and Associates

Rustenburg, North West, South Africa


PIC Offices

A new PIC office building is being constructed to house local government departments of the North West province in Rustenburg, South Africa. Located in a seismic mining area, the ZAR 140 million project required that the six-story, 8,000-square-meter structure be designed in strict compliance with local design codes. Fellows Dube and Associates were responsible for administering structural engineering services to determine a sound, economical design that withstands seismic activity.

The project team used RAM Structural System to model the entire building, compute the gravity and lateral loads, and generate drawings. Bentley’s structural design and analysis applications optimized design efficiency to save five resource hours per day and reduce costs. RAM enabled seamless integration of structural engineering information with the architectural model for accurate transfer of structural members, eliminating errors. Bentley’s engineering software solution facilitated real-time collaboration between the architects and structural engineers to achieve a cost-effective design.

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