Success Story | Preparation Building

Grupo Constructo S.A. de C.V.

Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico


Preparation Building_1

This MXN 110 million preparation building houses process equipment to extract consumable oil. Among the challenges that Grupo Constructo faced on the project were the confined space and slender profile available to place and load equipment. Grupo Constructo was tasked with designing and analyzing structures that were needed to work with the mechanical elements. The project team also had to design it using 95% steel so that it would withstand seismic events.

RAM Elements was used to analyze and design the structure while RAM Connection helped design the connections. Grupo Constructo converted the structural model into an industry foundation classes data model for use in manufacturing, transport, assembly, and construction. Using RAM Elements, three engineers simultaneously worked on the design of the foundations, metallic structure, and connections to finish this project in three months from the proposal and to the delivery of a data model ready for manufacture.

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