Success Story | PT. Linknet

Linknet Operation Center

Jakarta, Indonesia


The largest internet service provider in Indonesia, PT. Linknet relied on manual data to locate internet service outages, which took days before finding and reinstating service. To improve the process of detecting outage locations and enhance service reliability, the company sought to implement a connected digital management system. The USD 500,000 project required an integrated platform to centralize data and streamline workflows for more efficient and reliable customer service.


Linknet chose Bentley’s communications network and engineering solutions to execute its management system and create a collaborative working environment within the organization. Using MicroStation and Bentley’s integrated communications applications, the company established a connected digital platform to automate previously manual processes and improve information sharing. The centralized digital solution facilitated interactive, dynamic workflows to optimize the existing network infrastructure, improving productivity and customer response time.

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Image: Courtesy of PT. Linknet


Bentley Communications created a collaborative working environment within the organization, increasing efficiencies and efficacy, and enhancing the internal organization’s response to their customers’ issues. Since using Bentley Communications in operation and maintenance, customer downtime decreased and satisfaction increased. Previously, annual customer downtime was as high as 10 days, but using Bentley applications reduced downtime to a maximum of two days per year. The successful implementation and application of Bentley software helped increase consumer confidence in Linknet products.

CAD_MicroStation_Success Story_Linknet Operation Center_img2_End to end connections
Image: Courtesy of PT. Linknet


Using Bentley Fiber enables Linknet to find outages quickly and accurately. Once located, MicroStation and Bentley Fiber produce data that can be viewed by the operations and maintenance teams, as well as third-party contractors. Bentley Communications established the connected digital platform for Linknet to share an intelligent network model and accelerate field and office workflows. The interoperability of Bentley’s modeling and communications applications facilitates seamless management of in-house and contractor work to help keep up with customer demands and ensure more reliable internet service.


  • Linknet used Bentley’s network communications software to implement its digital connected management system for better detection and resolution of internet outages in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Using Bentley Communications applications reduced annual outages from 10 to two, improving service reliability and consumer confidence.

  • Bentley Fiber accelerated accurate location of network outages.

  • Leveraging Bentley Fiber with MicroStation produced accessible data for operations, maintenance, and third parties, enhancing decision making and optimizing network performance.