Success Story | PT. Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk Railway Facility for Manggarai to Jatinegara: Package A - Phase II (Main Line II)

Railway facility for Manggarai to Jatinegara: Package A - Phase II (Main Line II)

South Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


Meeting Growing Railway Demands

Located in South Jakarta, Indonesia, Manggarai Station has a single-story platform that serves over 100,000 daily commuters as a railway transit station for the Jabodetabek and Soekarno-Hatta Airport Rail Link. Given its future potential to increase capacity, it will replace the current Gambir Station as the city’s terminus for long-distance trains by late 2022. To achieve this expansion, Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation contracted PT. Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk to construct a new bridge and assemble track panels connecting the existing first-floor mainline track to a new second-floor rail line of the main building. The project is vital to improving passenger flow and railway reliability but presented significant construction constraints that were compounded by the need to conduct a design review within the 720-day contract period.  

Pushing the Boundaries of BIM

As part of the design review process, Waskita needed to ensure that they adhered to current industry standards. In addition, they faced construction restrictions due to the large amount of rail traffic at Manggarai Station and had to pay special attention to the pre-stressed concrete bridge segment, which accounts for up to 30% of the total project budget. They realized that accurate decision-making was essential to producing quality deliverables within the contract schedule. Aligned with their objectives to pursue quality compliance, cost, and time efficiency, Waskita sought to push the boundaries of building information modeling and digital twin technology to develop integrated, visual workflows that enabled prompt and precise decisions.


Integrated Technology Drives Digital Solutions

WASKITA used OpenRail Designer, OpenBridge Designer, and ContextCapture to establish a digital twin that incorporated existing site conditions and a multidiscipline BIM coordination model of the designed structure. It significantly improved productivity, as well as replaced 2D CAD drawings as a decision-making tool. Using the geometry control functions in OpenBridge Designer helped Waskita calculate precise geometry and coordinate information for each bridge segment. With SYNCHRO 4D, they simulated the construction process to help visualize planned activities and clearly communicate them to stakeholders and the client. Working with Bentley’s integrated applications, Waskita transformed their traditional, paper-based 2D processes into digital workflows that improved efficiencies and quality of deliverables.


Digitalization Delivers Benefits

By establishing a digital twin, Waskita was able to identify and resolve conflicts prior to construction, avoiding on-site problems to save an estimated 0.3% per month in additional time and costs. Exporting the precise geometry details for the bridge segments from OpenBridge Designer directly to the fabricator helped ensure segments were cast accurately. It also mitigated the risk of incorrectly ordered segments, avoiding additional cost and delays due to re-procurement. Using SYNCHRO to generate 4D construction models, they optimized resources and coordinated the delivery of the project while ensuring railway operations continued. By adopting Bentley solutions, Waskita modernized their own workflow processes and is promoting BIM within the industry to achieve greater efficiencies delivering infrastructure projects in Indonesia.



  • The Manggarai Station in Jakarta is being revitalized to replace Gambir Station as the city’s terminus for long-distance trains in late 2022.

  • Bentley’s integrated modeling applications helped Waskita establish a digital twin and resolve potential clashes, saving an estimate 0.3% per month in additional time and costs.

  • Using OpenBridge Designer, they accurately calculated the geometry details of the bridge segments.


quote“Every Bentley solution we used has improved our workflow with all stakeholders and increased our efficiency."

Luki Danardi
Senior Vice President of Technology, Research, Engineering, and Knowledge Management
PT. Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk