Success Story | Ribeiradio-Ermida Hydroelectric Project



Sever do Vouga, Aveiro, Portugal



Coba was retained by Energias de Portugal to design the first significant project on the Vouga River basin in central Portugal, the Ribeiradio-Ermida multipurpose hydroelectric scheme, encompassing water supply and irrigation, power generation, and flood control. To meet new geotechnical, hydraulic, and site constraints while adhering to the planned construction work schedule, Coba needed an integrated collaborative BIM methodology.


Coba used MicroStation and OpenRoads for 3D modeling throughout the design process to address site suitability, large earthworks, complex geotechnical conditions, and difficult topography, while integrating civil and equipment design. MicroStation accelerated design, facilitated collaboration, and improved information mobility. Bentley BIM processes provided Coba the flexibility and interoperability necessary to accommodate the engineering constraints, and timely and efficiently deliver the project. 


By implementing a collaborative BIM methodology using Bentley software, Coba significantly reduced project costs and delivery times. Using integrated 3D models during the design process reduced errors, minimized risk, and enabled Coba to meet the client’s goal to minimize capital expenditures without compromising safety or design efficiency. The information mobility and interoperability of Bentley software minimized environmental impacts and optimized overall design.


MicroStation and OpenRoads accelerated design by providing quality check processes and required safety clearances for equipment. Using MicroStation enhanced information mobility offering an interactive PDF environment for managers to review civil and electrical integrated 3D models. The precise modeling capabilities of Bentley software enabled the generation of a bill of materials that reflected accurate quantities resulting in the reduction of time spent compiling tender documents. Bentley software’s interoperability enabled Coba to work with different applications within the same platform, facilitating collaboration and efficiency.


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  • Coba implemented a collaborative BIM methodology using Bentley software to design and deliver Vouga River basin’s first significant multipurpose hydroelectric project, Ribeiradio-Ermida, encompassing water supply and irrigation, power generation, and flood control.

  • Using MicroStation and OpenRoads, Coba quickly adapted the design to meet new geotechnical, hydraulic, and site constraints of the EUR 170 million project, while significantly reducing costs and delivery times.

  • The flexibility, interoperability, and information mobility of Bentley software accelerated design, enhanced collaboration, and minimized risk, enabling Coba to minimize expenses without compromising safety or efficiency.