Success Story | Tubular Steel Building

APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.

Dujana, Uttar Pradesh, India

India’s largest electric resistance welded tube manufacturer, Apl Apollo Tubes, partnered with the Indian government on an initiative to increase steel consumption in the nation because it is an eco-friendly material. They took on the challenge of designing a 120,000-square-foot industrial shed made entirely of steel tubes. Their objective was an economical tubular steel building that incites the use of steel in India. Furthermore, the structure had to have a solar rooftop and support electric overhead traveling cranes.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive structural evaluation, Apl Apollo Tubes created 3D models with Bentley software. They quickly analyzed each component of the structure with STAAD and included trusses and lattice columns in the arrangement. The final tubular steel design used easily accessible electric resistance welded steel tubes. The materials cost was 12% to 15% cheaper than pre-engineered steel buildings due to lower material weight and inexpensive fabrication and transport.

This project was a nominee in the Structural Engineering category of the 2020 Going Digital Awards, now known as the Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure.

Tubular Steel Building

APL Apollo Tubes


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