Success Story | WSP Village at Sherrills Ford

Village at Sherrills Ford

Catawba County, North Carolina, United States


The USD 100 million Village at Sherrills Ford project required WSP to provide conceptual designs for a mixed-use development containing 325 single-family units, 450 attached multi-family units, 150,000 square feet of medical offices, 465,000 square feet of commercial/retail, and 50,000 square-feet of office space. To optimize the design solution to adhere to the client’s functionality and cost expectations while meeting local requirements and regulations, WSP needed software to help produce preliminary grading plans and cost takeoffs based on different scenarios and desired layouts, quickly and efficiently.


As ideas or decisions influenced the design, WSP used Bentley SITEOPS to analyze the site accordingly each time there was a change. By creating SITEOPS models for the site designs and using the automated reports indicating associated costs for grading within each model, WSP was able to evaluate the effectiveness of each site solution and identify areas to solve large differentials in earth grades. With almost 50 site revisions in SITEOPS, WSP delivered efficient and comprehensive conceptual solutions to the client. 



Bentley SITEOPS enabled WSP to accelerate the rate at which the team was able to move the project design directly into construction plan production, providing a substantial return on investment for the client by saving significant time and money. WSP alleviated substantial risks associated with changes throughout the project. Using SITEOPS, WSP understood the impact of the site design at the completion of the conceptual phase, minimizing potential issues based on unforeseen obstacles in the planning, production, and construction phases



Working in 3D using Bentley SITEOPS during conceptual design provided WSP a competitive edge, allowing the team to identify problem areas, understand grading constraints, and give cost estimates to complete site construction. Through SITEOPS, WSP was able to access multiple online and internal database networks to move data into the model and export the information to the next phase of design, enhancing and accelerating information mobility. Using Bentley software streamlined collaboration with the client, allowing real-time interaction and facilitating prompt solutions to changing client expectations.



  • WSP used Bentley SITEOPS to deliver comprehensive, efficient designs accommodating almost 50 site changes on a 206-acre, multi-use development project known as Sherrills Ford in Catawba County, North Carolina.

  • Bentley SITEOPS accelerated the move from the conceptual design phase to construction plan production, saving significant time and costs, resulting in a substantial ROI for WSP’s client.

  • Using Bentley SITEOPS enhanced collaboration and information mobility, reduced risk, and optimized decision-making by enabling WSP to work with 3D models in multiple formats, generate associated cost reports, and identify potential issues on this USD 100 million land development project.


quote“This process will change the way civil engineering is done.”

Gerald Burke 
Senior Project Manager