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Success Story | Bridging the Design Gap with Pennoni

June 17, 2021

Managing last minute design changes to your bridge project Pennoni, Philadelphia, PA

Improve Project Delivery and Increase Your Bridge Design Time Efficiency up to 40%

May 26, 2021

Use 3D models to capture, explore, and maintain consistent and coordinated planning, design, construction, and operational data.

Deliver Your Bridge Projects on Time and on Budget

May 26, 2021

OpenBridge unifies roadway engineers, bridge engineers, and contractors from the outset of a bridge project.

Success Story | Improve bridge modeling efficiency by 40% using a BIM methodology

May 12, 2021

PT. Wijaya Karya Employs BIM Methodology to Designthe Longest Double-decker Bridge in the World ​ North Jakarta, Indonesia

What is Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM)?

May 12, 2021

Bridge information modeling (BrIM), or BIM for bridges, is an advanced methodology for the bridge design and construction industry. Intelligent,..