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Deliver a 3D PDF with MicroStation

June 7, 2021

A 3D PDF (Portable Document Format) is a PDF file with 3D geometry inside. The file contains a 3D geometric representation of the model, not just..

Getting Started with the New MicroStation Free Trial

May 19, 2021

Have you heard the latest? Now it’s even easier to get started with MicroStation.

Timeless Design

May 12, 2021

In the previous MicroStation blog, we talked about “Native Design” here, we will give you some more information about the timelessness of..

Native DGN, the File Format of Choice for Infrastructure Projects

April 21, 2021

The CAD software MicroStation understands and respects your need for supporting the designs you created in the past. These old files can still be..

Working on Complex Projects with Big File Sizes in MicroStation

April 7, 2021

Starting with MicroStation J, the file format size was limited to 32 megs. However, with the release of the MicroStation V8 products and the only..

The Benefits of MicroStation 3D Modeling for Infrastructure Projects

February 24, 2021

MicroStation -- The Unique 3D Modeling Software MicroStation, Bentley’s solution for engineering, infrastructure, and architecture, was developed in..

MicroStation — the Best CAD Software for 2D and 3D Drawings

February 18, 2021

MicroStation for all your Infrastructure Projects MicroStation is used by architects, engineers and utility engineers. Design teams are worldwide..

Success Story | BIM Application on Chengdu-Yibin Expressway

November 19, 2020

Sichuan Road and Bridge (Group) Co., Ltd. Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Success Story | POWERCHINA Uses BIM to Transform the Ancient Chinese City of Shaoxing

November 19, 2020

POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited Shaoxing, China

Success Story | Innovative Application of Digital Engineering Technology in Shaoxing Rail and Transit Construction

November 18, 2020

POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China