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How to Spend Your End of Year Budget Sensibly

September 19, 2023

Do you have remaining budget? Are you wondering what to do for your end of year budget spending? This article will provide guidance on how to spend..

PLAXIS Finite Element Analysis Used in Landslide Remediation Project

May 15, 2023

Introduction Jody Robinson, at DRS-Engineering, works with slope stabilization and retaining walls design, among other geo-structures in California...

Complex Tunneling Challenge Solved Using PLAXIS 3D in Highway Construction

May 10, 2023

Introduction Dr. Fermín Sanchez and his team was tasked with the construction of a highway from Tepic City to Puerto Vallarta City on the Western..

Mastering Embankment Settlement Risks on Soft Ground: Advanced Techniques with 3D FEA and Satellite Remote Sensing (InSAR) Integration

March 16, 2023

Introduction In today’s rapidly developing world, the demand for infrastructure is increasing in unprecedented ways. This has led to the..

Success Story | Principal Tower

August 26, 2022

WSP London, United Kingdom

Success Story | Engineering Laboratories and Research Building

August 26, 2022

CNI Ingenieros Consultores SAS Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Success Story | Complex Basement under Iconic Admiralty Arch

August 26, 2022

WSP London, England, United Kingdom

Finite Element Basics: How to Determine the Basic Soil Parameters

August 25, 2022

Introduction In order to obtain stresses and deformations in a geotechnical analysis, finite element analyses require stiffness parameters in..

Solving Complex Geotechnical Analysis Challenges, Made Simple

August 19, 2022

Geotechnical challenges are everywhere, starting from the soil interaction with the foundation of our homes, roads, embankments, dams, retaining..

Geotechnical Engineering: Slope Stability of Embankments on Clay

August 15, 2022

The Challenge in Slope Stability Analysis for Embankments on Clay The construction of an embankment on clay can generate excess pore pressure in the..