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Success Story | Fujian Changle Zone C Offshore Wind Farm

May 17, 2022

Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Changle / Fuzhou, Fujian, China

How Being an Early Adopter of OpenGround is Helping CDM Smith Meet Client Demands and Win Work

May 16, 2022

Since engineering and construction company CDM Smith’s adopted OpenGround, they can leverage a one stop shop for all their geotechnical data. This..

How OpenGround is helping CMW Geosciences improve analysis, be more competitive, and increase value

May 16, 2022

Geotechnical consultant CMW Geosciences’ complete transition to OpenGround by January 2020 was incredible timing given the pandemic that ensued. In..

Dzhamgyr Mine - Project Implementation in Extreme Conditions

May 12, 2022

AAEngineering Group city of Almaty, Kazakhstan

Geotechnical Data: Improving Security, Accessibility & Resiliency with Cloud-Based GIM

March 24, 2022

Moving your geotechnical information management (GIM) from a desktop application to a secure, cloud-based platform offers many benefits. A..

The Evolution of Geotechnical Information Management

March 24, 2022

Why Cloud-Based Management is Growing Fast All earth scientists know the geological time scale. From the Archean era of the Earth’s formation..

PLAXIS for Deep Underground Excavation in Rock Mass

February 23, 2022

Rock at depth is subjected to stresses resulting from the weight of the overlying strata and from locked-in stresses of tectonic origin. When an..

Introduction to the Jointed Rock Model for the Modeling of Soft Bedded Rock Formation

February 9, 2022

Rock masses are characterized by the existence of distributed joints. The mechanical properties of jointed rock masses are strongly dependent on the..