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Bentley iTwin for Structural Engineers

September 7, 2021

Adhering to aggressive project schedules and reacting to layout changes are two common challenges that structural engineers face. The effort..

Fluid Retaining Structure Design Using STAAD.Pro Advanced

August 24, 2021

Over the years since STAAD first made an appearance as a general structural analysis and design tool, it has provided more benefits for structural..

Structural Drawings Automation

August 20, 2021

One of the most important challenges of the last 30 years has been the communication of modeling through the generation of blueprints (drawings). 

Concrete Design Workflow for Slabs and Foundations Using STAAD.Pro

August 11, 2021

STAAD.Pro is generally associated with the analysis and design of steel structures. However, add-on components that are available with the program..

Concrete Component Design Using STAAD.Pro

July 27, 2021

STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design software from Bentley has been widely used for designing steel and concrete structures by engineers..

Shrinkage Restraint and Long-term Deflections in RAM Concept

July 13, 2021

The accurate, long-term deflection calculation of concrete floors is a difficult task. It requires rigorous consideration of cracking, tension..

Advanced Analyses for Concrete Structures in RAM Frame

July 8, 2021

The RAM Frame analysis in RAM Structural System completes a three-dimensional finite element analysis of the lateral components for both gravity..

Concrete Design Workflows in RAM Structural System

June 28, 2021

Due to RAM Structural System’s reputation as a market leader for the design of steel structures, engineers tend to associate the software only..

All Things Post-Tensioned Concrete

May 21, 2021

Post-tensioned concrete (P-T) to date has been one of the most fascinating and yet underrated construction materials. Its history dates to the..

WSP Overcomes Complex Challenges to Construct 50-story Tower

May 14, 2021

The newest addition to London’s skyline is the 50-story, mixed-use Principal Tower, adjacent to the city’s financial district. The building’s..