Navigate your scanned data with Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction


Navigating scanned and mapping data with Reality Modeling WorkSuite Advanced. 

Orbit was introduced into the Bentley portfolio only last year and, it has an excellent reputation in the GIS and Mobile Mapping worlds. As part of the Reality Modeling bundle, we believe it enables a bridge between GIS and CAD, especially useful for small surveying companies that are looking for a competitive edge against larger engineering groups. This advanced module offers semi-automatic measurements and advanced tools to effectively and efficiently generate added value deliverables such as floor maps or inventories.

Together with Slawomir, our User Success Manager for Reality Modeling we are going to take you step-by-step through the main functionalities.

The Basics 
Let’s start with the basics. Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction offers advanced navigation, measurement, and analysis tools for your scanned data (of any type, and of any size) in a single, user-friendly environment.

You read that right. All your data (terrestrial, mobile, oblique, aerial, even 360 imagery) can be imported and visualized in different ways, as we demonstrated live (see video). 

This is extremely powerful. In a matter of seconds, we imported a data set of about 11 GB point cloud and created different 2D and 3D views, showing the location of the project, point cloud and imagery from different points of view.  

We then demonstrated a few “Basic Measurements”. Basic, such as measuring an overhead catenary in less 5 clicks…2D and 3D views, showing the location of the project, point cloud and imagery from different points of view.

The main highlights from this first experience navigating data with Orbit:

  • USER-FRIENDLY: The platform is extremely easy  to use. Finding your way around will be straightforward for someone that has no GIS or Mobile mapping experience.
  • EXTREMELY FAST DATA IMPORT: Importing and visualizing massive amounts of data seems effortless, being able to work on your data in a matter of seconds between importing and loading your data.
  • CUSTOMIZED VIEWS: You can easily create different views (for example, one with your point cloud, another with the imagery, another with the map view, etc) and still have all your data accessible form any view.
  • “BASIC” MEASUREMENTS: measurements are visible in all your views to minimize the chance of introducing a human error.
Orbit opens a wide array of possibilities for your reality data. Combined with the 3D meshing capabilities of ContextCapture, it really offers an end-to-end solution for scan surveyors.
We will dig into mapping and drawing in our next LIVE chat, so follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned! 

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