Present realistic visualizations - no extra fees, software, or staff


Mixed Use 2 SITEOPS Draftox_001-1As a principal of a site and land development firm, your ability to win new business is only as good as your ability to communicate project intent.  Developers depend on you to provide the best use case for their investment and multiple design options to know its potential. 

Most firms are having these conversations through traditional 2D methods, but how can a client or prospect fully understand the scope of work from a flat piece of paper? 

There is a better way.


Eliminate confusion with high-impact images and realistic animations

Your clients can imagine what your paper plans will look like in real life, but why leave it up to their imagination? Eliminate potential misunderstanding with realistic visualizations that are straightforward, attention-grabbing, and quite frankly impressive.  With the ability to visualize the end product you will:

  • Improve conversations on design intent and what revisions the client wants
  • Accelerate the approval process across stakeholders
  • Increase buy-in from communities/townships because seeing is believing!
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Establish a reputation of customer service
    Going the extra mile to help them understand their investment is a game-changer.

No need to be a graphics expert

Traditionally, creating visualizations was out of reach for most organizations.  It required a visualization expert, additional software, and a lot of time.  OpenSite makes visualizations possible and accessible within the product using LumenRT.  It is easy to use with no extra fees, no extra staff, and no extra time!  With simple clicks of a button, you can animate your model with life-like elements in motion such as: 

  • Traffic simulation with vehicles of all types
  • Moving people
  • Wind-swept plants
  • Breeze-animated and seasonal trees
  • Rolling Clouds
  • Rippling Water
  • Lighting changes

Present visualizations in context to your site

Rail Parking Deck Aerial OpenSite



The value of realistic images and animations goes beyond pretty pictures.  Not only will your client understand their site and the elements built on it, but also how it interacts within its real-world environment.




Rail Parking Deck Visualization OpenSite


See how a parking lot connects to existing road infrastructure.  Examine a commercial site and how it connects to a neighboring residential community.  Or even better, explore how to develop a mixed-use community that includes residential and commercial. 





Rail Parking Deck LumenRT OpenSite


The ability to visualize and therefore understand the end result before committing to a project is priceless.






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