Why MicroStation?

First of all - who is using MicroStation?

MicroStation is used by architects, engineers and utility engineers.

Design teams are worldwide responsible for creating and managing a wide range of infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, industrial and power plants, utility networks, and all kinds of buildings.

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What is MicroStation?

MicroStation is a CAD software that users around the world trust for creating precise 2D and 3D drawings for infrastructure projects.

MicroStation's advanced parametric 3D modeling, visualization, and drawing capabilities enable infrastructure professionals from any industry of any size to deliver projects of any scale or complexity. Your team can collect their work on MicroStation, including designs and models created using Bentley's industry-specific BIM applications. As a result, you can create comprehensive multidisciplinary models, documentation, and other deliverables.

What makes MicroStation so unique?

Some users specify that it is a great CAD product that has evolved into the strongest available, mainly due to the ease of project creation and distribution. The ability to open DGN files that date back to the '90s as well as other formats is unbeatable.

But there are more advantages

  • You have the ability to scale MicroStation to meet your project's needs. Compared to competitors, MicroStation gives you the flexibility to work with file sizes that are usually only a fraction of comparable software. Also, the amounts of control for many of the elements is beyond comparison! Text styles, dimension styles, references, and line styles can be controlled and manipulated to the greatest extent. This enables you to easily use these objects. 
  • Printing in MicroStation is the most reliable and predictable of any competitor’s CAD product. At the same time, some shift the print from one user to another, even if the same printer is being used. Using MicroStation helps you overcome simple obstacles and yield the same results from printer to printer.
  • There are lots of tools that exist in other CAD platforms can be implemented in MicroStation. The ability to select an element and trigger a tool that would then select similar objects based on type, level, color, etc. This selection tool is very powerful and gives you various options to define your selection very precisely.


  • It can also easily work with different coordinate systems.
    This is sometimes mandatory for government projects, where one also must handle so many reference files. Only MicroStation helps you solve most reference file problems. MicroStation’s dynamic reference makes it easy to update all your drawings and sheets (3D and 2D) with only updating the design model.
  • With MicroStation Visualizing and modeling point cloud data and reality meshes are being made easy, and you can hide, display, or clip designs without deleting or removing any item.
  • Also, it reads several formats of point cloud, which means you do not have to use other applications and allows point cloud classifications with a lot of features and specs. It is also no problem at all to use MicroStation combined with applications like e.g., Terrascan to visualize lidar data and model utilities.
  • Another pro is that MicroStation has a very active set of forums and help where you can generally look for a problem you are having and someone else has already come across the issue and helps you solve it. There are lots of operations that can be done through MicroStation drawing, e.g., 3D modeling, making charts and worksheets without having to close and open another application.
  • There are also some huge advantages in brownfield design projects as it is very easy to attach maps and coordinates. MicroStation is also an extremely stable CAD platform for professional design production. Most of all it is an Auto-save CAD application, and you can record each change on the design and recall these changes.
  • Getting started is easier than the competition, you can be up and drawing very quickly.
    Some features are more intuitive than other software in the same class. You can get your drawing to look how you want it to look more quickly. The software will let you go as in-depth as you want. If you wish to use it for basic tasks, you can, but if you want to dig deep and become a power user, there are many, many depth levels.

So, summarizing this up, we can say that MicroStation is a tool that you can use during your whole business life.

MicroStation is the most :

  • Customizable to user needs and multiply workflows.
  • Intuitive dialog tools.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Prepackaged with excellent tools to improve workflows and can emulate AutoCAD and work with DWG files in a MicroStation environment.
  • Comes with 2D & 3D tools and some GIS features,
  • Backward compatibility of old files, that is to say you can open DOS version DGN files from 25 years ago, and they still work in the current version.
  • MicroStation software allows us to open and convert AutoCAD files.

So – the answer on the “why-question” is obviously - MicroStation is no doubt the best software working for the development of 3D models.

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